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The best robotic window cleaner (1)

If you let dirt and smudges stay on your windows in hopes that a rainstorm cleans them away, you're not alone. A good percentage of homeowners rate Window Cleaning Robot as one of the most dreaded chores on the list. But don't stress — the automatic robotic window cleaner has arrived. The technology of Home Window Robot isn't always perfect. More powerful models are corded, sometimes slow, and may leave streaks. Even so, they get the job done without much fuss.

If you'd like headache-free sparkling glass, read on to learn how robotic window cleaners work. We've also shared our favorites, including the smart, effective Banghao company Window Galss Cleaning Robot. Considerations when choosing robotic window cleaners

Cleaning quality

The most common issue with robotic window cleaners is their spottiness in cleaning the corners of windows. Many people find it a minor inconvenience, while others feel it's best to avoid the problem by sticking with manual cleaning. Circular pads or brushes can miss some corners, while a square device may be better at cleaning corners.

window cleaning robot

Vacuum suction vs. magnetic

A robot has to cling to the window to do its job and does so by motor-powered vacuum suction or magnetic connectivity. Each has its pros and cons. Vacuum suction is convenient and works on most thicknesses of glass but may fail if its moisture level isn't perfect — that's when a safety cord comes in handy. Magnetic connectivity can be more complex but also creates a more powerful hold. Either suction system prevents a robot from crawling on beveled or curved glass because the seal will break.


Cleaning modes and controls

Your model may have multiple cleaning modes, which essentially are routes or directions it can go while cleaning. You control your robot via a remote control or smartphone app. It gives you the convenience of sitting back and watching it work rather than reaching to reposition or steer it. If you see the window or surface needs an extra pass for a full cleaning, a remote to control the cleaning modes comes in handy.

window glass robot

Wet/dry pads

Higher-priced models may come with special microfiber pads for wet or dry cleaning. Dry cloths are best for removing dust, while wet pads work with cleaner. Look for robots that come in kits with extra pads. Microfiber pads are washable, reusable, and don't leave tiny fibers behind on surfaces after cleaning.
window washing robot

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